Psychology Course

QQI level 5


This course is for those interested in the study of human behaviour and human mind. It is designed to provide learners with an introductory understanding of psychology as a field of study. The course will have a strong focus on connecting the theory of psychology to practice, such as therapies and interventions linked with the major psychological perspectives.


Topics include:

  1. Introduction to psychology as a discipline

  2. Main psychological perspectives

  3. Personality: features and personality assessments

  4. Social psychology: characteristics, conformity, group behaviours

  5. Abnormal psychology: classifications and diagnoses

  6. Therapies and interventions

  7. Ethics in the study of psychology

  8. Research skills

  9. DCU guest speaker talks


The programme is offered twice a year in September - December and February - May, on a part-time basis, 1 morning a week for 12 weeks.


Programme accreditation:

  1. Awarding body: QQI - Quality and Qualifications Ireland

  2. Awards: QQI Level 5 component award in Psychology (5N0754)


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