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CAFTA as a  community organisation that is committed to ongoing development both personal and social, back in 1999 began to look at how it might have a meaningful input into the regeneration process in Ballymun. 

CAFTA was then in 1999 approached by the National College Of Ireland (NCI) who were in consultation with the Ballymun Regeneration Limited (BRL) and the Ballymun Housing Task Force. NCI were asked by BRL to develop a programme for Residents moving from the high rise flats to new homes in Ballymun. NCI were looking for a local based group to assist in designing the programme and then to deliver the programme in the community.

CAFTA  responded to NCI positively and so the process began for the Housing Transition Programme.

CAFTA wanted the process to be an inclusive one, where Residents would be involved in setting goals, the content and the outcomes of the programme. This would then reflect the ethos of CAFTA and community development principles. 


Housing Transition Programme

Programme Overview

The programme consists of three modules delivered over an eighteen month timeline to Residents that are allocated to new homes. This has changed over time but the programme is designed to suit Residents needs.

Included in the modules are:

- The first session is about hopes & exspectations / awareness of change and getting to know your new neighbours
- BRL information update / Residents receive house plans
- Architect input
- Dublin City Council (DCC) Tenancy

- Agreement / Moving procedures
- Local Garda / Role of the community

- Garda / Home Security
- Community Living (CAFTA)
- Home Decorating / Feng Shui

- GAP (Global Action Plan) Local

- Environmental Organisation

- Site Visit
Also each module finishes with an evaluation and celebration

The programme is delivered to Residents that are moving into the same area, so they get an opportunity to get to know each other and to chat about their hopes, fears and expectations for the future. ​

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