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IPSCAN - International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect recently organised 13th European Regional Conference which took place in Dublin from 15th to 18th September.


One of the speakers at the conference was Ms Eleanor McClorey, CEO of youngballymun.  She spoke about Protecting children in 21st century Ireland: Integrating learning from policy, international evidence and multi-level implementation perspectives - Lessons from the design and early implementation of a Complex Community Change Initiative.  


Ms McClorey said that  "The local Community and Family Training Agency (CAFTA) is the lead partner in the implementation of the Incredible Years parent programmes, in close collaboration with the school-community".



The whole document is avalilable for download below.




Mitchels Boherbee Regeneration

Housing Transition Programme in Tralee

In 2013 CAFTA was contracted to deliver a Housing Transition Programme as part of the Mitchels Boherbee Regeneration in Tralee.  On 3rd October CAFTA commenced delivery of the programme, one evening a week, over eight weeks with the Residents of Croilar Na Mistealach, and also some Residents from the Mitchels.
To start the programme we did some outreach in the area, visiting people in their homes and we were made feel very welcome by all the Residents.  Now that the programme has started we are delighted with the turn-out each week and are enjoying getting to know everyone.  Each week we have a different session topic, but there is alwyas time given for the Residents to chat about their experiences living in their new estate and their hopes and fears for the future of the estate.  The programme will continue until the 21st November.
The programme covers the following topics:

  • Community living, getting to know your neighbours, hopes, fears and expectations

  • Living as neighbours and dealing with issues that arise

  • Meeting Tralee Town Council, Community Regeneration Task Group and Community Gardai representatives with an opportunity for questions

  • Raising awareness of the cycle of decline, how an area can deteriorate if not cared for

  • Exploration of Estate Codes or Contracts for Residents and the setting up of Residents Groups

  • Residents start to plan a group event / task for the area.






"Housing Transition Programme came to me right in time, I loved to take part in it and could use it for Community Develpment studies.  The topics covered were relevant to our estate and everyone was included in discussion and participated.  I feel that this programme brought our community closer.  The best outcome was setting up of the Residents Committee.  Thanks to Lynda and Val, hope you will visit us in future".


Course participant in Tralee









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